About the project

Collection and exchange on local biodiversity and understand the impact of human activities on the environment. So to develop an individual and collective responsibility.
Virtual correspondence exchange but also KA2 project (real exchange). Possible mobilities until June 2021.


The objectives of the project are :

  • learn a foreign language (English for my students because they are French but they also speak a regional language, Creole).
  • develop communication skills.
  • discover cultures and traditions of other European countries;
  • become aware of environmental sustainability issues and discover local biodiversity.
  • use various TICE tools.



  • First, we will introduce ourselves (people, schools, city, country ... etc)
  • We will exchange (drawings, photos, slideshows, maps...etc) on local biodiversity.
  • We will make the link with sustainable development (problematic around human activities that harm species and solutions).
  • Possibility to develop a quiz or quiz game ...
  • We want mobility in the partner country (2020/2021)
  • We also want to receive students from the partner country
  • Frequency of exchanges will be defined. At least one videoconference will be possible before each short-exchange.



  • Discovery of new learning techniques.
  • Better motivation and student involvement.
  • Openness to the world and its biodiversity.
  • Learning a foreign language and discovering other cultures.


Coordinating people: