Playing games

Students from SP11 play the games created by students from the project. Sustainable Environment.

Mobility 5

2-12 June 2023 The last international visit was a realy exotic one. We went to the Reunion Island which is situated in the Indian Ocean nearby the Mauritius. We left not only the northern sphere but also the summer and we were welcome by the winter sun of southern part of the globe. The Island is a magnificent place for observing the nature as it grew and exists on the active volcano. It is extremaly green with planty of various ecosystems. There are plains, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, fields and many other geografical features. It is impossible to pass by and not see the nature. And we had planty of chances to admire it every day during our visit. We had also time for playing the games which were the final products of our project. They were based on the knowledge we gained while visiting the countries and talking to our partners. Each school created their own board game And it was the students who were their main creators.

Mobility 4

7-12 November 2022 Third international meeting took place in Portugal In the small town Montemore-o-Novo. We were really close to the nature this time as the place where we stayed was in a rural area, We spent time in an agricultural farm where we found out how to produce olive oil and various products made of acorns.. We even tried the acorn burgers - yummy 😂, In Evora we spend some time in Gazemb not everyone felt well after this visit. What made us curious was the great amount of storks living there, We also had Chance to see a nursery school which is an ecological school. And in there we left the garden with strawberries planted by each of us. Later we went to Lisbon to sea the marine life.

Mobility 3

6-12 June 2022 Second meeting took place in Poland in the city Elblag. During the visit Polish students had the opportunity to act their own play. They were both creators of the script and actors, They presented the eternal argument between need of fresh clean environment and the neglect of all the virtues and care. We visited the forest which became a city park and a place for numerous plants and animals. We took a cruise through Elblag canal which is and reservat for many birds andangered with extinction. And the cruise led us through the ramps where the ship is taken out of the water on the goes on the rails pulled by the force of water and not electricity. Our visit programme included the visit to Hel which is a penninsula and a reservat for seals. We could see the medieval castle in Malbork and have some rest on a farm were everyone was allowed to try horse riding. On the last day we went to Gdynia where we saw the marine life in the Aquarium.

Mobility 1

16th december 2021 Students of Primary School no.11 in Elbląg have an opportunity to participate in the Erasmus plus project "Sustainable Environment". There are four countries taking part in the project Poland, Portugal, Greece and the coordinating country Reunion. Today we had a videoconference during which the students introduced themselves, described the Christmas habits in their countries and performer their own Christmas Cards.

Mobility 2

3-10 April 2021 Our first international meeting is taking place in Greece, The weather is beautiful. It's sunny and warm. And so is the atmosphere made by our host school in Avdira which we visited on the first day. Each country presented the school and the areas we live in. We have also the possibility to go sightseeing Xanthi. As the theme of the project is environment. We went to Vistonida and Porto Lagos where we observed life of wild birds like herons, flamingos, hawks, eagles and many others. In Avdira we visited the arceological museum where we found out about the origins of the city and its inhabitants, Our students in international groups had the possibility to play role of archeologists who are exploring the ground in search for the prooves of ancien life. Next days of the visit were also full of environmental discoveries, We saw Alistrati cave, and admired the meandres of Nestos river from the river Nestos. We also visited Kavala- beautiful city on the shore of the sea. And our programme included cruise to Thasos Island where we could admire sealife,. All of us came back home with head full of new knowledge, new experiances and new friendships.